Citing data : why you should, and how

Research data producers need to be rewarded and acknowledged for their work. The readers of your research also need to be able to track the sources you used, including the data. This is why data must be cited properly, just like books or papers. Our resident citations expert Catherine Brendow explains how.

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La bibliométrie, indice de valeur scientifique ou de notoriété ?

Journals and researchers are ranked in different ways through the use of specific metrics. In this post, our colleague Isabelle Vuillemin-Raval gives you a short introduction on what metrics are, why they were created, and why they are problematic and should be used with care. 

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What can teachers copy and share in Switzerland?

Are you a teacher or a TA? Are you wondering whether you can copy and share articles or PDFs with your students? Our legal librarian Céline Vilmen tells you everything you need to know before distributing or uploading documents to your Moodle platform.

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