Planning for research data management

Funding institutions such as the SNSF require researchers to fill a data management plan with their application. What is a data management plan (DMP), and how should you answer its questions? Find out here or during our live session on September 22.

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[Podcast] The Geneva Challenge 2021: Challenges of Crisis Management

This episode of the Geneva Challenge Podcast answers questions from the participants related to the upcoming submission of their proposals, and explores the theme and the vision of the context more elaborately. 

This episode is hosted by the Project Coordinator of the contest, Mukta, where she provides answers to different questions. Which one is on your mind?

(2:38) Question 1: If one of the team members wants to quit and we want to replace them with another member, is it possible? If yes, what’s the procedure?

(5:15) Question 2: How can we get connected with the community? Is there a way to get to know other participants?

(6:36) Question 3: What are the next steps of the Challenge, from where we are today?

(8:52) Question 4: What is the evaluation process? On what basis will the submissions be evaluated?

(11:30) Question 5: What are some key pointers teams should keep in mind while working on their proposals?

Please find the rules and regulations of the contest here:

Please take a look at the project proposals from previous years here:

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