Book of the Week: “The law & politics of Brexit” by Angela Saini

A timely comprehensive legal and political analysis of how Brexit affects the UK and the EU.

The decision made by the United Kingdom in 2016 to leave the European Union has produced shock waves across Europe and the world. Brexit calls into question consolidated assumptions on the finality of the EU, and simultaneously sparks new challenges. These new challenges are not only in regard of the constitutional settlements reached in the UK, notably in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but also on the future of European integration. Now that Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union has been invoked, and the path towards full withdrawal by the UK from the EU remains clouded in uncertainties, a comprehensive legal and political analysis of how Brexit impacts on UK and the EU appears of the utmost importance.

Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Call Number: 327.9(42) HEIA 120158

International Women’s Day: a Look Through our Collections

Today only, visit a micro-exhibition in Bubble 5 (at the bottom of the main Library ramp) about our documents on women and gender. Here’s a short description of their importance in our collection.

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Book of the Week: “Inferior: how science got women wrong and the new research that’s rewriting the story” by Angela Saini

What science has gotten so shamefully wrong about women, and the fight, by both female and male scientists, to rewrite what we thought we knew.

In Inferior, acclaimed science writer Angela Saini weaves together a fascinating—and sorely necessary—new science of women. As Saini takes readers on a journey to uncover science’s failure to understand women, she finds that we’re still living with the legacy of an establishment that’s just beginning to recover from centuries of entrenched exclusion and prejudice.

Her book investigates the gender wars in biology, psychology, and anthropology, and delves into cutting-edge scientific studies to uncover a fascinating new portrait of women’s brains, bodies, and role in human evolution.

Publisher: Boston: Beacon Press, [2017]
Call Number: 305.4 HEIA 119372

Use the Library More Efficiently

Still feeling lost? During the week of 25 February, take part in a 60-minute visit of the Library to learn about our main collections and services, how to improve your searches in the catalogue, how to use databases and what your RERO account allows you to do (renewals, reservations, etc.)

  • Monday 25, 12:30
  • Tuesday 26, 12:30
  • Wednesday 27, 12:30
  • Friday 1, 12:30

Meet us in the front of the Library reception!

Original illustration: JanBaby, pixabay license