World AIDS Day, December 1

A red ribbon with hands over a world map

World AIDS day is organised every year to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people living with this disease, remember those who lost their lives and be aware that even in 2021, there are still 38 400 000 people living with HIV ( Here is a selection of titles that can bring you to better understand the origins and issues faced by people living with AIDS. 

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Sustainability Initiative Days, 17-21 October 2022: A Look Through our Collections

Library display - books, dvds and posters on sustainability

The environment and sustainable development belong to the main topics covered by the Library over the past decades. Our dedicated collection is characterised by a large scope of subjects and perspectives of study, covering topics like climate change, natural resources and conflict, among others. The Sustainability Initiative Days are taking place from October 17 to 21 at the Institute. To celebrate the event, we put a small selection of titles on display at the entrance of the Library.

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