Books for Mosul

The GISA Human rights and conflict initiative (HR&C) is currently collecting books for the Mosul university library. Here is their call for donations.

The GISA Human rights and conflict initiative (HR&C) would like to invite you to donate books to the university library in Mosul.

When ISIS invaded Iraq in 2014, the education system in the country was put to a stop. The curriculum was disrupted, libraries such as the university library in Mosul were burned down and schools were closed. For many young Iraqis, it became too dangerous to get an education. Schools were later re-opened but the curriculum gravely changed over time to fit the ideas and values supported by ISIS and its members. It was then that many young people decided to independently educate themselves and began learning new languages at home.

Although these young people in Iraq were brave enough to take matters into their own hands, they lack the resources to do so. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join this initiative and help us send books to Iraq, so that Mosul’s library can be restocked and our peers can continue their fight through education! Please leave your books on the shelf next to the entrance to Salon Davis in IHEID’s library! There will be a sign on the shelf so that you can recognise it.

The books should be beneficial for young students, and language books are highly appreciated! Please take into consideration the cultural appropriateness of the books you select to donate. In addition to sending these books, we intend to send a memory book which all of you are welcome to sign with a message of support for our Iraqi peers!

Remember: When you give someone a book, you don’t just give them paper and some ink on it – you give them the possibility of a whole new world!

– Your HR&C Initiative

Photo credit: UNDP Iraq / Claire Thomas (UN Photo Guidelines)

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