Measuring research impact: beyond the ivory tower

Beyond the impact factor, new metrics called “altmetrics” were introduced to survey whether works are talked about in the media and online. Our colleague Linda Leger tells you what you should know about them in the following article.

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A new guide on Impact Metrics

Following our blog articles on bibliometrics and their major applications, our specialist librarians Isabelle Vuillemin-Raval and Linda Leger have prepared a full guide on Impact Metrics.

This will help you understand:

  • Journal and article impact factors
  • Author impact factors such as G, H and i10 indexes
  • The shift towards Altmetrics
  • Why such calculations can be a bad idea


Original picture: Measuring tape, by Newsong (CC0 public domain)

La bibliométrie, indice de valeur scientifique ou de notoriété ?

Journals and researchers are ranked in different ways through the use of specific metrics. In this post, our colleague Isabelle Vuillemin-Raval gives you a short introduction on what metrics are, why they were created, and why they are problematic and should be used with care. 

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