A new guide on Impact Metrics

Following our blog articles on bibliometrics and their major applications, our specialist librarians Isabelle Vuillemin-Raval and Linda Leger have prepared a full guide on Impact Metrics.

This will help you understand:

  • Journal and article impact factors
  • Author impact factors such as G, H and i10 indexes
  • The shift towards Altmetrics
  • Why such calculations can be a bad idea


Original picture: Measuring tape, by Newsong (CC0 public domain)

Do you speak Google?

How many times a day do you use Google for simple information or documentary research?

Check out our new guide designed to help you to use this everyday tool more efficiently. Discover how to use operators, how to set up an alert in Google Scholar, or how to connect from Google Books references to your affiliated library catalogue.

Just remember that despite its powerful engine, Google is not the best solution to all your questions. The Library offers multiple other tools you can use for your research, all of which are more respectful of your privacy.

Illustration by Reagan Ilunga, shared under license CC0.