An anomaly among anomalies: Colonial membership at the League of Nations

Rather than a grouping of sovereign states, the League of Nations, the precursor organisation to the United Nations, admitted several colonies and Dominions as member-states. Perhaps the most unusual addition to the League was that of British India, that was described as an ‘anomaly among anomalies’.

In today’s podcast, we will discuss under what terms colonies could be member-states of an international organisation, as well as why an Empire would want to admit them. And finally, we will cover the precedents that the inclusion of India caused at the League, and how they left their footprint in the structure of the UN. 

Thomas Gidney discusses his PhD thesis on how colonies could become admitted as member-states of international organisations, and the role they play in British imperial policy.

An anomaly among anomalies: Colonial membership at the League of Nations

Picture: LONTAD project
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Let’s Put it on the Table, ep. 1: Where the Idea Was Born

Introducing a new podcast series by the Macro-Development Research Initiative, from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. “Let’s put it on the table” will discuss development-related topics that are not receiving enough attention.

Our guest for this episode is Alejandro Castro, one of the founding members of Club Macro, the Club de Macroeconomía UCV, the student analysis group of macroeconomic policy at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Club Macro was the seed that later shaped the idea for our international initiative: The Macro-Development Research Initiative.

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Featuring: Clara Danbakli and Manuel Leon, with Michelle Olguin
Guest: Alejandro Castro
Music: Showcase me by Ahjay Stellino 
Illustration: MDRI

Big shout out to Geneva International, the Podcast initiative at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, for their help and support.

Note: This pilot was recorded via Zoom, so please forgive us for the audio quality and internet related problems.

Let’s make a talk show!

Geneva Intl. is always looking for new talent, and a couple of weeks ago we found it among the students at the Graduate Institute. During our welcome day event we put all of these people in front of a microphone and asked them to make a talk show from scratch. Here’s the result! 

If you too would like to take part in this initiative, email us at and tell us what you’d like to do. 

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Let’s chat with a recent graduate from our Institute, John!

This podcast is a short and fun conversation with a recent graduate of MIH (Masters in International History student) on life before, during and after the Graduate Institute. It features questions on what John’s first impression of Geneva was, what his advice would be to students coming in this year and some light trivia questions to reflect on his graduate student experience. Hop on to this easy and light conversation and take away one student’s perspective on a few aspects of student life at the Graduate Institute!

Guest: Phasawit Jutatungcharoen (also called John/Jun)
Host: Samhita Bharadwaj

More about John: John completed his quarantine in Thailand and has documented his journey and experience on his youtube channel.

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The Geneva Challenge Begins!

The Geneva Challenge is an international contest for graduate students to develop analysis-based proposals on advancing human development in a relevant topic of global concern.

Tune in to learn more about this year’s theme, submission requirements and the evaluation criteria of the proposals! For any further queries, reach out to

Hosts: Michelle Olguin Fluckiger & Samhita Bharadwaj

Guest: Gayathri Nagasubramaniam, project coordinator

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