Let’s Put it on the Table, ep. 1: Where the Idea Was Born

Introducing a new podcast series by the Macro-Development Research Initiative, from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. “Let’s put it on the table” will discuss development-related topics that are not receiving enough attention.

Our guest for this episode is Alejandro Castro, one of the founding members of Club Macro, the Club de Macroeconomía UCV, the student analysis group of macroeconomic policy at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Club Macro was the seed that later shaped the idea for our international initiative: The Macro-Development Research Initiative.

Subscribe to the series on Spotify for more episodes and follow the initiative on social media as @The_MDRI on Twitter and Instagram

Featuring: Clara Danbakli and Manuel Leon, with Michelle Olguin
Guest: Alejandro Castro
Music: Showcase me by Ahjay Stellino 
Illustration: MDRI

Big shout out to Geneva International, the Podcast initiative at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, for their help and support.

Note: This pilot was recorded via Zoom, so please forgive us for the audio quality and internet related problems.

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