New apps and events at the Library

Welcome back! We look forward to meeting you again. Here are some new apps and features that may be of interest to our users, including reservation systems for study rooms, recording equipment, and more!

1. Bubble reservations

Do you need a place for the purpose of private or team study? Book one of our 7 bubbles using a new application, soon available on Pocket IHEID. Click here for help!

2. Workshops

Take part in a training course on Zotero or research data management with our specialists. We also offer introductions to using the swisscovery catalogue. Check out our updated guide and register in our new agenda.

3. Digital skills for PhD students

Are you eager to know more about nodegoat, NVIVO or to learn how to create an academic personal website? Register to a digital skills workshop offered by the Institute in partnership with the University of Geneva.

4. Research methodology

Do you need help finding and managing sources for a future essay? Take a look at our new guide helping you build search techniques and evaluate results.

5. Recording equipment reservations

Just like bubbles, you can now book the hardware you need to record podcasts and interviews through our new online application.

For all other questions, “Save Time, Ask a Librarian!

Illustration © IHEID

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