Open access – a Cambridge webinar and news from Wiley

The Read & Publish agreements signed earlier this year already allowed several Graduate Institute researchers to publish articles in Open Access, and it is working smoothly so far. A new agreement with Wiley was signed last week to add many more titles to the list. If you are planning on publishing in a Cambridge University Press journal, you might also be interested in attending their upcoming webinar.

Save the date and register!

Why should you publish open access articles in Cambridge University Press journals? How can you, and how do R&P agreements work? Cambridge University Press organises a webinar on Monday, May 10th, at 5.00 p.m. CET to answer your questions. Register here to attend or to be sent the recording after the event.

New R&P agreement with Wiley

The Graduate Institute already had R&P agreements with 5 large publishers – Cambridge UP, Elsevier, Sage Springer and Taylor & Francis. The negotiations between the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries and Wiley have finally resulted in an agreement that will enter into force at the beginning of May.

It allows Graduate Institute researchers to publish at no additional cost in all Wiley “Online Open” journals. These are hybrid journals, and the agreement does not include full OA journals. Please note that SNF-funded research should be published in fully-OA journals as they are financed by their grants, as for other funders.

As usual in R&P agreements, it is essential that you clearly indicate your affiliation in the article and use your address as a corresponding author to help Wiley attribute you to the right institution. The open access option should then be offered to you automatically. After choosing the OA option, the author will have to select one of several Creative Commons licenses.

The library team hopes this new agreement will enable the publication of more open access articles. Remember that if you have questions regarding these agreements and open access publishing in general, you can contact Catherine Brendow who will be happy to help.

There is still time to register for Catherine Brendow’s training on Creative Commons licenses this Friday. Register now!

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