New e-resources for 2021

In addition to our move to a new catalogue, this winter was also a period of major additions to our digital resources. We joined the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries and signed new contracts with major publishers. Here are some of the new accesses we unlocked to help you study in the time of COVID-19.

E-journals: more providers with a wider scope

Joining the Consortium allowed us to subscribe to massive collections of e-journals for the fields of study and research at the Institute and beyond.

Full collections: CAIRN, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Kluwer, and Springer.

Partial collections: JSTOR, Oxford University Press (Law and Social sciences), SAGE (Sociology, Politics and international relations), Taylor and Francis (Humanities and social sciences).

Some of these licenses are read & publish agreements which also include free article processing charges for our researchers who want to publish in open access.

E-books: more purchases and expanded choice

Our total digital purchases for 2020 on Ebook Central, ElgarOnline, Taylor & Francis and other platforms represented three times the amount spent on our previous record year. Here are some specific deals we signed in the second half of the year, which should also help a lot:

Cambridge University Press: we subscribed to a Cambridge Core package of over 30’000 books in the humanities and social sciences.

Oxford University Press: we subscribed to their Oxford Scholarship Online collections for Economics, History, Law, Political Science, and Sociology, totalling over 6500 titles.

Brill: we subscribed to their collections for International law and the Social sciences (over 2000 titles).

All of these and more are accessible through the Swisscovery catalogue. We also referenced many open access resources. Hopefully this means you could access the titles you really needed, but if you are still missing something, let us know by suggesting a purchase!

Illustration: Laptop, by SCI (Pixabay license)

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