Introducing “Pop Theory” (ep. 01)

For the very first episode in this Pop Theory podcast, we will be discussing *drum roll* images, or pictures, or whatever you want to call them. We see them every day, they scroll past us on screens, they take up most of the free spaces around us but do you ever really notice them? Well, we do, and then we analyze them, and then we overanalyze and introduce jargon to make us feel better about ourselves as serious scholars. 

Joining us today as Co-hosts we have:

  • Paras Arora: Second year Master’s candidate and Hans Wilsdorf scholar at the Department of Anthropology & Sociology. Paras has wide-ranging research interests and has most recently conducted ethnographic fieldwork in New Delhi, India around questions of gender, disability and care work. In the past, he has presented his research on Delhi-based feminist, collectives and archivists’ practices of image production and circulation at the Universities of Cambridge, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore, and Delhi. As the UNESCO Aladdin Youth Ambassador for Peace and Intercultural Dialogue, Paras has also worked closely on sexuality, international migration, and religion.
  • Samhita Bharadwaj: First Year Masters Student at IHEID in MIA, specializing in Environment and Sustainability, with a minor in Global Health. A background in Psychology in her Bachelors, she’s aware of the use of images and visual media on cognition and perception.

Presented by: Michelle Olguin Fluckiger

Music: Tu connais Babar by Mocke (CC By-NC-SA)

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