Health Intl., ep. 1: a Conversation about COVID-19 with Suerie Moon

In this first health-themed episode of Geneva Intl, Professor Suerie Moon, renowned expert on global governance and public health and co-director of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute Geneva, weighs in on the COVID-19 pandemic as students Esther Pak and Ezekiel Boro ask about everything from preparedness and response on the African continent, panic-buying (is it helpful or hurtful?), WHO leadership, and practical ways that young people can step up and show solidarity during these trying times.

Professor Moon is a globally recognized policy expert on strengthening the global governance of outbreak preparedness and response, and her work has been widely published in top academic journals and mainstream media. Health Intl. is a student-led podcast at the Graduate Institute.

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Logo: Stephane Bernhard
Music: Candy, by Patryk Skowroński (CC By 3.0)
Episode edited by: Michelle Olguin Flückliger

About the podcast:

The Health Intl podcast is a student-led initiative at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland.
Health Intl features current news and exciting research in global health coming out of the Graduate Institute, Geneva and the globe.

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