Introducing Geneva Intl. – the Graduate Institute Students’ Podcast Initiative

This is the trailer episode in a series by students of the Graduate Institute, featuring (by order of appearance) Joshua Thew, Michelle Olguin Flückliger, Anna Ploeg, and Samhita Bharadwaj. This series will present the research, initiatives, and lives of students and other partners at the Graduate Institute.

Listen now:

Geneva Intl. – S00E01 – Trailer

The Graduate Institute students podcasting initiative will empower students to create and publish their original podcasts, with support from the Library.

Interested? Contact us at!

You can also learn more on the Podcasting guide.

This episode was edited by Michelle Olguin Flückliger. The Geneva Intl. committee would like to thank RTS Geneva for letting us record this trailer in their studios.

Background music: Podcast News by AuthorMusic:, music promoted by under license CC BY-ND 3.0

Read the script here:

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