The Sound of Science

Would you like to record a podcast, a debate, or a voiceover? The Library can help! While we do not have a studio room, the Library now offers a mobile audio studio set you can borrow

What’s in the set?

  • 4 SM58 microphones
  • Xenyx Q1204USB mixer
  • 4-way headphone amplifier
  • Zoom H5 field recorder
  • Cables and microphone stands

We can also provide you with a free renewable 6-month student license for Hindenburg Journalist Pro, the easiest professional audio editor we could find. This software is available for Mac and PC, and allows you to edit multiple tracks. It automatically adjusts levels for different sources and lets you record Skype interviews. It also includes an automated podcast publication system.

Get help!

A short guide has been created with additional information. Let us know what is missing! On your first use, we can also help you setup your system and teach you the basics. Just request an appointment from

While you are still here: did you check our workshop “Becoming the Media“? This fall, you will get a chance to learn everything you need to know about podcasts and Youtube video production, and more.

Cover picture (cropped): Sound wave, by CSTRSK (Pixabay License)

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