Digital Skills Workshops @IHEID: Register Now!

This Fall, register for one of the free two-day workshops prepared by the Direction of Studies and the Library, open to all students of the Graduate Institute (Master & PhD). Here is a quick peek at what is in store for the next few months.

Introduction to Programming with Python

This workshop with Mirko Reul introduces basic programming concepts to graduate students, with practical applications for social science research in Python. You will learn how to design and implement your coding project systematically, and how to resolve (inevitable) errors independently. The workshop is for absolute beginners who would like to use Python in their research projects, but some contents are transferable to other languages such as R.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants, takes two days to complete and will take place over the following dates:

  • Saturday 28 September 2019, 08:15-17:00
  • Saturday 11 October 2019, 08:15-17:00

Registration (This workshop is full – you can register on a waiting list while we try to organize additional sessions)

Data Analysis in Various Contexts

This workshop aims to show how different data analysis covers very different practices in different fields: from automated text analysis in academic research to NGOs watching their reputation, journalists wishing to interpret and communicate issues better, and corporate marketing. You will also learn the basics of GDPR, the law protecting personal data in the EU, which affects the collection of personal data in all fields and across the globe.

This two-day workshop will take place over the following dates:

  • Saturday 5 October
  • Friday 25 October
  • One event still TBD (2h)

More information (speakers, registration, etc.)

Becoming the Media

The Internet has transformed the media landscape: anybody can now become an author, creator, or publisher of multimedia content. This workshop aims to give you the necessary information to start an online publishing project: legal issues, knowledge of the multimedia platforms and technical aspects of media production, as well as a look at what a new online newspaper project can be in 2019.

This workshop will take place over the following dates:

  • Saturday 19 October
  • Friday 1st November (2h)
  • Saturday 2nd November

More information (speakers, registration, etc.)

The Internet, Power, and the Civil Society

This workshop will discuss the impact digital technologies have on our political and economic existence. How is the Internet governed? How have digital government practices evolved? How does it affect your freedom and activities as a citizen, researcher or activist in the age of corporate and state surveillance?

This two-day workshop will take place over the following dates:

  • Saturday 12 October
  • Friday 15 November (2h)
  • Saturday 16 November (with a repeat on Sunday 17 November)

More information (speakers, registration, etc.)

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