Book of the Week: “Global Governance and Local Peace: Accountability and Performance in International Peacebuilding” by Susanna P. Campbell

Why do international peacebuilding organisations sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, even within the same country?

Bridging the gaps between the peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and global governance scholarship, this book argues that international peacebuilding organisations repeatedly fail because they are accountable to global actors, not to local institutions or people. International peacebuilding organisations can succeed only when country-based staff bypass existing accountability structures and empower local stakeholders to hold their global organisations accountable for achieving local-level peacebuilding outcomes. In other words, the innovative, if seemingly wayward, actions of individual country-office staff are necessary to improve peacebuilding performance.

Using in-depth studies of organisations operating in Burundi over a fifteen-year period, combined with fieldwork in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, South Sudan, and Sudan, this book will be of interest to scholars and students of international relations, African studies, and peace and conflict studies, as well as policymakers.

Professor Susanna Campbell will present her new book Wednesday, 8 May, 18:15-19:45 (Auditorium A2, Maison de la paix, Geneva).

Publisher: Cambridge; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2018
Call Number: 341.68 HEIA 122346

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