Your RERO account: loan renewals and more!

Did you know you do not need to come to the Library to renew your loans? You do not even need to call or e-mail us. Here is a brief presentation of what your RERO user account allows you to do.

Connecting to your RERO account

You already know the Explore catalogue, which is used by most universities in Western Switzerland. Once there, you can click on “My account” (the green button in the top-right corner) to log in and access several useful tools.

To connect, you need to enter your Patron barcode (the number starting with 507… or 207… on your student card). Your default password, which you can (and should) change after your first login, is the last six digits of your barcode number.

What’s in the box?

In your account, you can check lots of information related to your book loans, such as which books you currently have on loan, their due dates, your current unpaid fines, but also reservations pending (books you have requested that are not available yet), and a recent history of your loans.

You will also have the option of renewing/extending your loans by clicking the appropriate button next to a book you would like to keep. That is the reason why you decided to read this article, right? But wait! There is more!

You can also manage lists of documents that you selected from the catalogue, change some usage preferences for your Explore searches (number of results per page), change your password, and check that your personal data is up to date.

Do you need more information on our loan service? Check out Marie-Pierre Flotron’s IHEID loan guide.

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