Words and pictures : graphic novels at the Institute

Before building a small game collection, the Library also experimented with graphic novels. Here’s a short history and some details on what it’s all about.

Much like films, graphic novels are a part of our general culture and deserve a place in our Library. Our late colleague Anne Piraux started building this special collection with two objectives in mind: offering a different approach to some of the themes presented in our general collection, and showcasing some great cultural productions for your entertainment.

The collection includes both works of fiction and documentaries in French and English. Some of the highlights are:

  • Works of graphic reporters such as Joe Sacco, Sarah Glidden and Guy Delisle.
  • Testimonies on war such as Art Spiegelman’s Maus or works of Jacques Tardi.
  • Stories on migration, war, imperialism, gender, etc.
  • Biographies of historical characters, including prominent women.

Our current collection was started in March 2012. It was first displayed for entertainment only and couldn’t be borrowed. After our move to the Maison de la paix, the graphic novels were introduced in our catalogue and made a bit more visible.

Latest additions:

The 77 titles in our collection are located in the Kathryn Davis lounge and can be borrowed for 7 days. Loans can be renewed 3 times. Purchase suggestions are of course welcome.

Illustration: picture © Boris Palefroy, IHEID 2018.

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