A look at Gender in the Library

The Gender Centre of the Institute is currently holding its conference “Bubbling up. Solidarities, Feminisms and Social Reproduction“. To celebrate this event, the Library set up a small exhibition in the Davis Lounge to present its rich Gender collection.

The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library’s Gender Collection was created in 2003. It is unique in Switzerland, and its strength is its visibility: in addition to dedicated call numbers, documents dealing with a gender perspective are also integrated into all the collections of the Library.

The main themes represented are studies on women and gender from a transnational perspective in developing countries, international relations, armed conflicts, the context of migration, health, labour, women’s rights, as well as classical feminist theories and women’s movements.

The main categories on gender in our collection are:

Gender  305.3
Men  305.31
Women 305.4
Feminism 305.42
Education of women 371.822
Women’s work 331.4
Women’s health 613.99
Women’s rights 342.701
DVDs 7.0

The Institute’s Gender Centre also co-publishes two book series with L’Harmattan, which are of course available in our collection:

You will of course also find films and graphic novels dealing with similar subjects in our dedicated collections.

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