Book of the Week: “Europe in the international order” by Roman Kuźniar

The rise and fall of Europe’s aim to rebuild its position in global politics after the Cold War.

With success in the unification of Europe and the subsequent deepening and enlargement of its integration, the Union set itself the ambitious task of becoming a global power, even a superpower.

However, starting with the first decade of the XXI century, we have witnessed a rapid erosion of the international position of Europe (the EU). The author carefully analyses the causes of the EU’s failure in pursuing the role of European representative, Europe thereby pretending to the role of one of three world powers. Besides cultural and demographic trends, the author identifies the main factors leading to this failure: the divergent interests of individual European powers, their incapacity to act in a geopolitical context and the rapid erosion of Europe’s civilizational identity.

The rapid decline of Europe’s international position threatens the appearance of a new and bipolar global arrangement together with the further marginalisation of Europe.

Publisher: Berlin ; Bern : Peter Lang, 2018
Call Number: 327.91 HEIA 123903

Book of the Week: “The law & politics of Brexit” by Angela Saini

A timely comprehensive legal and political analysis of how Brexit affects the UK and the EU.

The decision made by the United Kingdom in 2016 to leave the European Union has produced shock waves across Europe and the world. Brexit calls into question consolidated assumptions on the finality of the EU, and simultaneously sparks new challenges. These new challenges are not only in regard of the constitutional settlements reached in the UK, notably in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but also on the future of European integration. Now that Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union has been invoked, and the path towards full withdrawal by the UK from the EU remains clouded in uncertainties, a comprehensive legal and political analysis of how Brexit impacts on UK and the EU appears of the utmost importance.

Publisher: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
Call Number: 327.9(42) HEIA 120158