Sustainability Initiative Days, 17-21 October 2022: A Look Through our Collections

Library display - books, dvds and posters on sustainability

The environment and sustainable development belong to the main topics covered by the Library over the past decades. Our dedicated collection is characterised by a large scope of subjects and perspectives of study, covering topics like climate change, natural resources and conflict, among others. The Sustainability Initiative Days are taking place from October 17 to 21 at the Institute. To celebrate the event, we put a small selection of titles on display at the entrance of the Library.

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Book of the Week: “Earth at risk: natural capital and the quest for sustainability” by Claude Henry and Laurence Tubiana

We are squandering our planet’s natural capital – its biodiversity, water and soil, and climate stability – at a blistering pace. Major changes must be made to steer our planet and people away from our current, doomed course.

Though technology has been one of the drivers of the current trend of unsustainable development, it is also one of the essential tools for remedying it.

Earth at Risk maps out the necessary transition to sustainability, detailing the innovations in science and technology, along with law, institutional design, and economics, that can and must be put to use to avert environmental catastrophe.

Publisher: New York : Columbia University Press, 2018
Call Number: 577 HEIA 121248