Gold open access and IHEID research – a quick look back at 2021

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Since the start of 2021, the library of the Graduate Institute has joined the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries and taken part in Read & Publish (R&P) agreements signed with 6 major academic publishers. These agreements allow Graduate Institute researchers to publish in open access (OA) in most of their journals, using included Article Processing Charges (APC).

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What does ORCID actually ever do?

Academic librarians have weird manias, and one of them is spying on researchers on Twitter. We recently came across someone complaining about “having to create a stupid ORCID just to submit a paper”. Here is why it is not just another useless administrative task, how you can have a “smart ORCID”, and why you might want to join our online presentation on December 9.

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All the news that’s fit to read: How you can access international newspapers online

Graduate Institute Students and staff commonly ask our reference service how to access the international press online. The fact is we do have subscriptions for a selection of international newspapers and magazines. Here is what you should know.

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Zotero, an essential component of your academic toolbox

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Each semester our colleague Catherine Brendow gives training sessions on Zotero attended by dozens of students. She has also written a quite comprehensive web guide to help students to use this tool. But what is Zotero and is it worth investing some time to learn how to use it? Here is why it is a great tool for anyone writing essays and theses.

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The Right Livelihood Collection

Right Livelihood is a courage-powered community for social change. Established in 1980, they are committed to peace, justice and sustainability for all. Each year, they present the Right Livelihood Award. By recognising the actions of brave visionaries and building impactful connections around the world, the Award boosts urgent and long-term social change. 182 Laureates from 72 countries have received the distinction to date. However, the work of the Right Livelihood Foundation goes beyond only presenting the Award: they provide these change-makers with long-term support.

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