Lunar New Year with CEAS

As the Lunar New Year celebrations come to a close and the full moon makes an appearance, let’s enter the year of the Ox with new perspectives, courtesy of the China and East Asia Studies initiative. Listen as they reflect on different traditions in East Asia, their personal experiences of past new years, the soft power appeal of these celebrations, and the impact of a global pandemic on the celebrations. 

Hosted by: 

  • Laura Nijssen
  • Jiae Yang
  • Shirley (Yue) Chen
  • Yoshiharu Wakabayashi
  • Filippo De Gennaro

Music credits:

  • Track 1: public domain
  • Track 2: China Town by Audiobinger, CC BY-NC 

Join Geneva Intl. – the IHEID Student Podcast Initiative!

Our Podcasting Initiative needs new members!
Are you into podcasts or have you always wanted to learn how to make one? Want to volunteer in an initiative while meeting new people? Our amazing little team is looking for some backup all you have to do is fill up this survey!
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[Careers Podcast, ep. 2] What if the future of work was… well, no work at all?

Might sound like a fantasy. Or maybe it sounds a little dystopic. But Alexandre Maaza stopped by to make a pretty convincing argument for a future where we may need to change our perceptions of work, salaries and everything that goes with it.

Hosts: Michelle Olguin and Alexandre Maaza

Music: Settling in – Dexter Britain, Regard – Unwritten Stories (CC BY)

That’s The Tea For G&D – live on November 30!

Two GISA committees unite to bring you a very special podcast this Monday, November 30 at 18:30 CET, as part of the Gender and Development month at the Graduate Institute.

The Professional Development Committee and the Geneva Intl. podcast initiative present a live recording of a 30 minute interview with the Institute’s director Marie-Laure Salles. Discussions will cover her views on Gender and Development, and more.

Join us live on Youtube:

Introducing “ABD Stories”

Some fifty doctoral students graduate each year from the Graduate Institute. If pursuing doctoral studies always implies strategic choices with regards to the research topics, the path towards a thesis also remains a journey bespeckled with experiences and encounters. Because each path towards a PhD is unique, this podcast series is dedicated to the vagaries of doctoral students’ lives in Geneva.

Paroma Ghose defended her PhD thesis in June 2020. In the first episode, she tells us about how she studied the lyrics of songs by rappers in France between 1981 and 2012, in order to write a history of the “Other”, or what she termed the “Fifth Estate”, in France.

Check it out on the podcast’s page and subscribe from your favourite app. More research podcasts are also available on our website.