Geneva Peace Week: A look through our collections

The city of Geneva claims to be a capital of peace, and our Institute is located in the Maison de la Paix – no wonder peace in all its dimensions is a key theme in our collections. Peacebuilding, peace education, psychology of peace, pacifism, our books and films cover many aspects of a subject that remains high on the agenda. “Peace is possible” is the motto of the Geneva Peace Week this year (31 October-4 November 2022). To celebrate the event, we put a small selection of documents on display at the entrance of the Library.

Through its collections, the Library aims to support the many teaching and research activities around peace and peacebuilding at the Graduate Institute. Even if the “better angels of our nature” may have contributed to reducing violence in the past decades and centuries, even if democracy and trade can also play an important part, peace research is still needed. Can women contribute to the advancement of peace? It gave anyway the Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki the inspiration for a comedy.

Et maintenant on va où? (Nadine Labaki, 2011)

The main categories related to Peace in our collection are:

303.6: Violence. Conflict (Sociology)
323.1: Ethnic minorities. Ethnic conflicts
323.2: Coup d’Etat. Revolution. Civil war
327.3: International social movements
327.5: International conflicts
327.6: Peace
341.68: Peacekeeping
355.01: War and warfare (theory)

The U.S. vs. John Lennon (David Leaf, 2006)

For more information concerning our collection on peace and peacebuilding, please contact Catherine Brendow.

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