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Sometimes the articles you find through your online searches are locked behind paywalls. In this case, it might be useful to know whether there are open access versions of these papers. This is precisely what our colleague Catherine Brendow will be talking about on Thursday in an online training.

Open Sesame!

Many articles hiding behind paywalls have also been published elsewhere in open access. More and more funders and universities require authors to upload their postprints to open repositories. So the only question is: how can you find them?

Good news, everyone! Several tools were built to help you find OA versions of articles when you’re on the paywalled version. They can help you, but also researchers outside traditional academic circles, such as NGOs or people in emerging and low-income countries. And it is fully legal!

A wide range of tools

Unpaywall has become an essential tool for students and scholars, with its impressive database of 27 million articles. This Chrome or Firefox extension is very user-friendly, and could change the life of many researchers. For Safari addicts, Open Access Helper, built upon Unpaywall, can be used on your Mac Book or iPhone.

The Open Access Button also provides a similar service, with a Chrome or Firefox extension, or directly on the web site. If no OA version is available, a request to the authors can be sent, asking them to put a version of their article on an OA repository, and giving them guidance through the process.

Endnote Click is a “all-in-one” tool, which works as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It uses your academic affiliation to identify the subscriptions of your university and looks for the best (open or paywalled) version of the article.

Upcoming trainings

To learn more and see how they work in practice, join our training this Thursday (November 19, 2020) at 13:45 (GMT+1)!

Illustration: Unpaywall logo, all rights reserved

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