Sustainability Week: a Look Through our Collections

The Library is happy to join the activities organised at the Institute for Sustainability Week from April 1 to 5. To celebrate the event, an exhibition is taking place in the Davis Lounge, where a selection of documents on the Environment will be exposed.

The Environment belongs to the main topics covered by the Library over the past decades. Our dedicated collection is characterised by a large scope of subjects and perspectives of study, covering topics like climate change, natural resources and conflict, sustainable development, among others.

Its strength is to analyse environmental issues from a social, political, economic and historical perspective on both North and South, with particular attention on Southern countries.

The Library is working to promote knowledge within the academic sphere as much as possible, making it visible and accessible to everyone interested in environmental challenges.

304.2             Ecologie humaine / Human Ecology
333                Propriété foncière / Land grabbing
333.7             Ressources Naturelles / Natural Resources
333.79           Energie / Energy
333.794         Energies renouvelables / Renewable Energy
333.8             Ressources du sol / Underground resources
333.9             Eau / Water
333.95           Biodiversité / Biodiversity
338.927         Développement durable / Sustainable Development
349.6             Droit de l’environnement / Environmental Law
349.61           Droit du changement climatique / Climate Change Law
574                Environnement / Environment
577                Ecologie / Ecology
577.22           Climat / Climate
641                 Sécurité alimentaire / Food Security

For more information about our collection on the environment and sustainable development, please contact Linda Leger.

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